As SASA, we are breaking new ground in Turkey in many areas such as developing eco-innovative products and processes, and we offer sustainable products and services. In addition, in line with the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, we are working to fulfill our duties and responsibilities towards the society, contribute to NGOs such as the Kizilay, AFAD and Child Welfare Agency, and develop Social Responsibility Projects.

SASA in Campus

  • In our scholarship program, which we have been running since 2017, we offer scholarships to the children of our employees who are studying at university.
  • We communicate with the career centers of universities and ensure job opportunities. In addition, we transfer our industrial experience to our young people who are getting ready for business life by compensating the technical trip or conference demands of Turkey's leading universities.

Business Incubation Center

  • We established the Business Incubation Center library of ADANA Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) Directorate and we continue to contribute to the development of the industry by providing mentoring services.

ISKUR Trainee Training Program

  • Within the scope of ISKUR (Turkish Employment Agency), we provide 6-month training to candidates and then provide employment opportunities.

SASA Mehmet Erdemoğlu Kindergarten

The foundation of "SASA Mehmet Erdemoğlu Kindergarten" of Yeşiloba Neighborhood, the construction of which we undertook, was laid on September 5, 2020, and intensive work continues in the interior and exterior parts of the kindergarten. It is planned that 160 children between the ages of 3-6 will be able to receive pre-school education in the kindergarten, which was designed to facilitate work life of women by ensuring opportunity to leave their children in a kindergarten, and to adapt children to formal education with pre-school education. Modern education centers suitable for corresponding age groups are equipped with materials, and many sportive activities (e.g. gymnastics, yoga, traditional games, ballet, folk dances, dance, etc.) to support physical and cognitive development of kids.