Emergency Case-Fire Safety

We manage our fire safety systems based on the philosophy of automatic detection, automatic & manned fire extinguishing with our young, dynamic and trained team in our responsibility area which includes 380.000 m2 closed and 1.250.000 m2 open areas.

Our main team is composed of 16 employees & 1 Specialist, and our Emergency Response Team (i.e. ADME) includes 67 experienced staff who are on duty 24 hours a day in 4 shifts.

Additionally in accordance with the relevant regulations, our support staff consisting of Search, Rescue, Evacuation, Fire Fighting and First Aid teams work in coordination for Extinguishing-Rescue-Protection-First Aid activities.

Our fire brigade personnel have all the licenses, certificates and training required by the procedures.

In our vehicle park below mentioned trucks are available.

  • 1 full-fledged firefighting pioneer truck (with Rot Fire System),
  • 1 full-fledged firefighting small truck (with CAFS i.e. Compressed Air Foam System),
  • 1 full-fledged truck with 24 meters ladder and CAFS System,
  • 1 full-fledged firefighting truck with 29 meters boom (including AR-AFFF i.e. Alcohol Resistant Aqueous Film Forming Foam).
Acil Durum ve Yangın Güvenligi

For the worst-case scenarios within the site, we have following equipments:

  • 2 units of fire water storage tanks with 10,000 tonnes of capacity,
  • 2 pieces of 3,500 gpm diesel pumps,
  • 1 piece of 3.500 gpm electric pump,
  • 2 pieces of 500 gpm electric pumps,
  • 2 pieces of 35 gpm electric jockey pumps, a ring system in the entire field, fire valves with a pressurized water system of 12 bar every 50 meters according to the danger potential, approximately 4200 amounts of mobile fire extinguishers, automatic fire detection and alarm systems, automatic water - gas and foam fire extinguishing systems, chemical absorbent kits, 78 pieces of THTCs and firefighter clothes, 77 pieces of fixed and mobile water + foam monitors.

Periodic maintenance of our vehicles, pumping stations and equipment is carried out systematically, re-trainings of our personnel are conducted together with fire, injury, chemical spillage, earthquake, flood, night drills, A-B-C-D-E-F class fires and unannounced weekly emergency drills throughout the year. Fire safety systems also can be monitored from our computer program 24 hours per day.

Acil Durum ve Yangın Güvenligi
Year of 2017 / 45 Planned Drills44 drills were done% 97.7
Year of 2018 / 50 Planned Drills49 drills were done98 %
Year of 2019 / 52 Planned Drills52 drills were done100 %
Year of 2020 / 56 Planned Drills56 drills were done100 %
Year of 2021 / 59 Planned Drills59 drills were done100 %

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