İş Sağlığı ve Güvenliği

Occupational health and Safety

As SASA, we; As people who are dedicated to continuous improvement in our health, safety and environmental performance, we see protection from all kinds of injuries, occupational diseases, accidents and environmental pollution as a goal to be achieved not only in theory but also in reality.




We follow the following principles to guide us in our daily activities, both at work and outside of work:

  • All occupational accidents and diseases can be prevented.
  • Actions should be taken to eliminate hazards, take preventive protective measures and minimize OHS risks.
  • Good practice techniques and continuous development should be supported through training in order to increase awareness of occupational health and safety.
  • Remedial measures should be taken by proactively identifying all risks related to occupational health and safety that may impair the health of employees.
  • It is important to investigate and eliminate not only the events resulting in injury and accident, but also all kinds of practices and behaviors that have the potential for danger.
  • Each of our employees is personally and directly responsible for preventing accidents and diseases. Safety is a prerequisite for work, so every employee must take their own responsibility and do what is required to work safely.
  • Safety audits should be done. Any risks should be identified and necessary corrective and preventive actions taken promptly.
  • Non-occupational safety is as important as workplace safety.

Occupational health and Safety