Code of Business Ethics


Integrity and honesty are our core values in all our business processes and interactions. We act with integrity and honesty in all our relations with the employees and shareholders.


Private and confidential information includes information that might lead to a competitive disadvantage of SASA, trade secrets, financial and other information that have not been publicly disclosed, employee personal information, and information within the framework of “confidentiality agreements” enacted with third parties. As employees of SASA, we give utmost importance to protecting the privacy of our customers, employees and other associated individuals and companies and the confidentiality of their information. We protect confidential information regarding the activities of SASA, use this information only for the purposes of SASA, and share this information only with relevant authorized parties. We strictly forbid insider trading, or gaining any financial or commercial interest, including trading stocks through disclosing confidential information belonging to SASA. When ending our employment with the company, we do not take with us confidential documents, projects, regulations, etc. that were confined to us due to our position.


As SASA employees, we take responsibility to avoid situations and relationships that involve conflict of interest. We do not use our present position to obtain any benefits personally or through our families and relatives, from people and companies with whom we have business relations. We do not engage ourselves in any business activity aimed to gain personal financial benefit outside SASA. We refrain from using the name and power of SASA identity to gain personal benefit. In cases of potential conflicts of interest, when we believe that interests of the relevant parties may be safely protected by legal and ethical methods, we adopt these methods. When in doubt, we consult our manager, the Human Resources Department, or SASA Ethics Consultant.


In addition to our legal responsibilities, we give utmost importance to fulfill the following responsibilities vis-a-vis our customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and business partners, competitors, the community, humanity, and to the name SASA. It is the responsibility of all SASA employees to act in accordance with the principles of the SASA Code of Ethics and know, understand, internalize the values on which these principles are based.