Genel Müdür Mesajı

Message From the General Manager

Dear (Shareholders),

As you know, the Paris Agreement, which was also signed by our country as part of the climate movement, aims to limit the global average temperature increase. In line with this purpose, the European Union aims to become a "carbon-free continent" with the Green Deal policy package, and presented the "Border Carbon Regulation Mechanism" proposal for this purpose.

As SASA, we accelerated our studies for the global climate movement; we established a Sustainability Committee to reduce the effects of climate change, which is one of the most important elements of sustainability. The Committee, which includes representatives from each department, will carry out its studies based on the sustainable business model.

Our sustainable business model with scientific-based goals, will not be limited to the roadmaps planned for climate change. In this regard, there are United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in environmental, social and governance aspects, at the heart of our sustainability strategy. With this approach, our primary sustainable development goals that we have adopted for our existing and new investments are;

  • To ensure stable, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work opportunities for all,
  • To build strong infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and innovation,
  • To design sustainable circular economy consumption and production models,
  • To take action to reduce climate change and its effects.

Creating collective awareness with our stakeholders and developing national and international collaborations in this direction by including our customers, suppliers, employees and all business partners in our sustainable development policy development process will be our greatest motivation in our sustainability journey.

As SASA, we will continue to work with great determination together with all our stakeholders in this journey of transformation that we have started for a more sustainable future.

General Manager

Dr. Mustafa Kemal ÖZ