About Us

SASA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of polyester, fiber, filament yarn, polyester-based polymers, specialty polymers and intermediates.

SASA successfully manages the entire process from design to manufacturing and distribution by combining its leadership responsibility in its sector, its strong technical heritage and innovation culture with its high production capacity.

Having started its production in the polyester industry in 1966, SASA has always maintained its rapid growth process with its uninterrupted investments since its establishment. SASA established a joint-venture partnership with world chemistry giant Dupont in 2000 to maintain its leadership in the polyester industry and to further strengthen this position, and consecutively acquired the name "DupontSA".

The name DupontSA was changed to ADVANSA with the acquisition of Dupont shares in 2004 by Sabancı Holding. The name of the group's organization in Turkey was also changed to ADVANSA SASA Polyester Sanayi A.Ş. in 2005. In 2011, Sabancı Holding acquired all the shares of ADVANSA BV and changed its name from ADVANSA SASA to SASA in September 2011.

On April the 30th, 2015, Sabancı Holding shares were acquired by ERDEMOĞLU Holding, which led to a new shareholding structure in which 51% of the total shares were held by ERDEMOĞLU Holding, and the remaining quantity being publicly held.

The share of ERDEMOĞLU Holding A.Ş. in SASA Polyester Sanayi A.Ş. has reached 84.80% at the end of the compulsory share takeover process completed in August 2015.

SASA, which incorporates Nobel, ICI and Dupont technologies, has a strong technical infrastructure with more than 4,300 qualified employees, high-capacity and leading production facilities and the Research and Development Center established in 2002.

SASA has its head office established on an area of 2,181,000 m² in Adana, where its integrated production facilities are located, along with its own raw material storage facility of 55.625 m² which is located in Iskenderun, and its liaison offices in Istanbul and Ankara.