Water and Wastewater Management

The water obtained from underground sources in our facility is used in cooling applications and processes. By using Reverse Osmosis and Electrodeionization Methods, which are environmentally friendly technologies, necessary conditioning processes are carried out and ensured to be used in this way. The quality parameters of the water subjected to conditioning processes are constantly measured and monitored in order to keep them within the specified limits.

Projects are developed and implemented in order to reduce water consumption in our facilities, and projects such as "bluff automation and optimization in towers", "utilization of reverse osmosis wastewater in towers" and similar projects take place among them. Besides, the water consumption values of the operations are regularly monitored on a monthly basis, as well, water leakage controls are carried out continuously, and the fastest response is provided.

In our facility, there is a wastewater treatment plant where industrial wastewater, process washing water and domestic wastewater originating from production processes are treated. The capacity of the wastewater treatment plant, which was first established in 1998, was increased in 2011 and 2019 and additional units were added to the plant. In our facility, which has the "Wastewater Treatment Plant Identity Certificate", Physical, biological, chemical and advanced treatment processes are used. In addition, both anaerobic and aerobic treatment methods are applied in our biological treatment system.

We have business operation experts and operators in the treatment plant, the plant operates continuously in 3 shifts and the whole process can be monitored from the control room. Apart from the audits carried out by the Ministry, daily sample analysis are carried out in the environmental laboratory within our waste water treatment plant and the plant performance is constantly monitored.

Water is discharged to the receiving environment in accordance with both the discharge limits we are subject to in the Water Pollution Control Regulation and international legislation and standards for a sustainable environment. The quality of the effluent we discharge is monitored by the Ministry with the Continuous Wastewater Monitoring System (SAİS). Through SAİS, the Suspended Solids, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Temperature and Chemical Oxygen Demand parameters of the discharge water are monitored online and instantly evaluated by the Ministry's continuous monitoring center (SİM) software.

High pressure steam is produced by burning the biogas formed in the anaerobic treatment process and used in the operations within the factory for the purpose of Energy Recovery from Waste. It is aimed to reduce the greenhouse gas effect and reduce our carbon footprint by preventing the release of methane gas into the atmosphere. The feasibility and engineering studies for our new wastewater treatment plant, which will be commissioned in 2023 within the scope of the PTA Production Facility Project, have been completed. The water treated in our new wastewater treatment plant will be recovered by using advanced treatment technologies, and the water obtained will be reused in the processes.