Human Resources Applications

In our company, a grade structure that defines job size and wage structure in the framework of SASA procedures is implemented for white-collar personnel. The recruitment process is executed in line with the role descriptions and responsibility areas. We execute our recruitment processes in line with our company’s strategies and goals with the purpose of securing the best candidates who are qualified for an open position and believe in the values of SASA; are open to development and change; are highly self-confident, well educated; and have the competencies to make a difference in their work.

Remuneration and Fringe Benefits

The remuneration system of labor union member personnel is managed with collective agreements that are signed between labor unions and the employer.

The remuneration system of white collar personnel is created by considering the results of job valuation and market data.

Fringe Benefits

For all employees, SASA provides meal and transportation services

Training and Personal Development Programs

Orientation Program

Department visiting program that aims to make new-starter white collar personnel learn all departments and meet with all employees.

In-house Training Program

Job Safety, Health and Environment, Technical, Management Systems (ISO 9001-14001-18001-270001-50001), Code of Business Ethics, etc. SASA Business Ethics Rules etc. training program which must be taken as mandatory.

Personal Development Training Programs

Programs that are organized according to the personal development areas of white collar employees and the jobs they perform.

Occupational Development Trainings

Outsourced trainings that are organized as certification, seminar, course formats in line with improving the knowledge and abilities of employees and providing occupational development.