SASA aims to become one of the leading players on a global scale as Turkey’s first and largest polyester-polymer producer and the leader of the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

Our vision is:

  • To ensure sustainable growth
  • To create value for our employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders and society
  • To share this value fairly with all our shareholders in line with corporate and social responsibility principles
  • To constantly improve ourselves by maintaining the spirit of innovation.

We consider all living and non-living natural beings as a respectable whole, keeping in mind that we have a responsibility to leave a green and clean world to future generations while meeting the present needs of the society.


Our Mission is to become a global manufacturer in the field of polyester, polymer and petrochemical products, thus making Turkey one of the top three polyester manufacturing countries in the world.


The core guiding values adopted by SASA with the principle of working in compliance with local and global ethical values are as follows:

  • Not discriminating against any race, ethnicity, language, religion, opinion or gender
  • Respecting fundamental human rights, children's rights, animal rights and not engaging with parties known to violate these rights
  • Serving the society with corporate citizenship awareness
  • Observing environmental sustainability in all fields of activity and increasing the environmental responsibility awareness of its shareholders
  • Using environmentally friendly technologies, supporting their development and dissemination
  • Creating the highest value for employees, suppliers, customers, shareholders and society
  • Operating with the highest security standards